International Affairs

The International Affairs work group supports and promotes internationalisation of the faculties of social work, with a focus on teaching, and on international mobility for students and staff. It guarantees an exchange of information on current developments and best practices among those in charge at international offices. It also has a duty to organise the regular international course as a collective project for internationalisation of the Faculties of Social Work.


Nadia Baghdadi
FHS – Fachhochschule St. Gallen
Olaf MaassBFH – Berner Fachhochschule
Peter StadeHSLU – Hochschule Luzern
Andreas SchauderFHNW – Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
Paola SolcàSUPSI – Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana
Marie-Christine Ukelo M’Bolo-MergaHES-SO – Haute école spécialisée de Suisse occidentale
Anne SchilligZHAW – Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Zürich

Publications and Documents