Career Perspectives

UAS graduates in social work are employed in a very wide range of organisations, domains and types of positions, mainly in the fields of social intervention, education and health care. Opportunities for social work professionals exist in a number of fields: financial assistance, child and adult protection authorities, social consultation centres in towns, hospitals or businesses, occupation and integration programmes, residential care units for children, youth and adults with special needs, community social work, juvenile courts, youth and leisure centres, community centres, centres for asylum seekers or migrants, etc.

Holders of Bachelor’s degrees work directly with individuals, families, groups and communities. With further qualifications, they are able to run projects, conduct evaluations, supervise field placements and offer individual or group supervision. The Master’s degree course provides new knowledge and skills. Holders of a Master’s degree can take on extra responsibilities within projects and conduct complex tasks that require broad as well as highly specific knowledge. They can also take on staff and managerial roles, for instance in departments of welfare and health, social services and non-profit organisations. There are other prospects in teaching, continuing education, research and services within the university environment, some of which require a higher qualification via doctoral studies.

Additional Information