Master’s Degree in Social Work

Master’s degree studies in Social Work enable students to deepen their previously acquired theoretical and methodological knowledge. The course offers opportunities to develop analytical competencies and fosters innovation and research. Holders of a Master’s degree in Social Work are capable of evaluating and developing programmes and organisations.
The Master’s degree opens the door to careers in staff and line roles.

Compulsory core modules are complemented by in-depth, specific courses on social problems, social policy, innovation in social work, social intervention organisation, professional development and research and evaluation methods. Some Master’s programmes benefit from existing collaborations between different UAS.

The Main Points in Brief

  • Degree: Master of Science / of Arts in Social Work. 90 ECTS credits.
  • Course organisation: full-time or part-time.
  • Duration of studies: 3 to 6 semesters.
  • Formal admission requirements: Bachelor’s degree.
  • Costs: fees per semester, and other expenses.
  • Access to further qualifications: further education certificates and diplomas (CAS, DAS and MAS); Ph.D., some specific requirements may apply.

Additional Information